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Here I've tried to collect information related to various aspects of software development that I have found to be useful during my work with software. The main focus is Delphi, as it is my primary development tool at work and for my private software projects, also published on this site.

Right now there is only one small article on using the Cairo Graphics library with Delphi. More will come eventually as the need arises and time gets available.

As many other developers, I rely on standard libraries for common functionality and in some cases, specialized libraries for core functionality. Some of the these libraries are listed below, all highly recommendable.

BASS Sound System
Audio library for playing compressed music formats like mp3, wave samples and MIDI through soft-synthesis.
Author: Ian Luck
Drag and Drop Component Suite
Easy way of implementing drag and drop functionality to a Delphi based application.
Author: Anders Melander
Virtual Treeview
Custom designed treeview control, supporting multiple columns and even doubles as a grid control.
Author: Mike Lischke
Zeos Database Objects
Components giving highly flexible database connectivity for MySQL, Firebird, SQLite and many others.
Superb compact and fast standalone SQL database, perfect for smaller applications.