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The Thorvaldsen Theatre

Thorvaldsen Teatret

The Thorvaldsen Theatre was an amateur theatre that dated back to 1957. Unfortunately the theatre was forced to close in the fall of 2004 due to financial problems. Only time can tell whether something new will come out of it.

I was asked to play in their orchestra for the performance in 1991. Not knowning what I was going into I tried, liked it, and have been playing in that orchestra for every performance since then. That resulted in the 12 shows listed below.

1992NovemberH.M.S. Pinafore
1994AprilDen glade enke
1995MartsFrk. Nitouche
1996MartsKiss Me, Kate
1997MartsAnything Goes
1998MartsGuys and Dolls
1999MartsHello, Dolly!
2000MartsGentlemen Prefer Blonds
2001SeptemberSome Like It Hot

Official website: Discontinued after the theatre closed down in december 2004.