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Copenhagen Youth Symphony Orchestra

Københavns Ungdoms Symfoniorkester

As the name implies, this orchestra is populated by young people, aging from 15 to 35 years. The orchestra have roots dating back to 1944 where it was started as a youth orchestra associated with the danish radio. Through the 1970's the orchestra went through different leaders ending up as an independent orchestra in 1980.

My involvement started in the spring of 1987 as a request from my violin teacher at that time. It was the first "real" orchestra I played in, with a full symphonic crew and a lot of the musicians studying at the conservatory in Copenhagen. Though I have played many of the great classical composers with this orchestra, my biggest experience was when we made a concert exclusively with Star Wars music.

The orchestra went on trips each summer, either one week to a place in Denmark or two weeks to places in Europe. The main purpose of the trips was to play a lot with up to 9 hours of planed rehearsals a day ending up in a small concert tour. These trips have brought me to interesting places:

1988Denmark (Rens)
1989Scotland (Edinburgh) / England
1990Denmark (Rens)
1991Austria (Waidring) / Italy (Venice)
1993Denmark (Stidsholt)
1995Slovak Republic / Hungary / Austria (Vienna)
1997France (Dijon) / Spain (Valencia)
2000Sweden (Lund)
2001Czech Republic (Prague)

Official website: