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The Amateur Symphonics


The Amateur Symphonics is an orchestra with a full symphonic crew consisting of about 60-70 persons. It was founded in 1954 and is run independently. The members range widely in age from the mid twenties and up. Many members have actually come from Copenhagen Youth Symphony Orchestra, when they felt to "old" to be in a youth orchestra.

I joined the orchestra in the fall of 2000 after hearing their summer concert in Tivoli. It is a great orchestra to be a part of with a big potential for making good music.

Once every second year, the orchestra does a one-week trip in the fall to a country in Europe. These trips are a combination of concert tours and vacations, meaning that there is plenty spare time to see the sights and enjoy on self in the company of friends. I've been on the following trips during my years in the orchestra:

2005MaltaPhotos - Part 1 Photos - Part 2

Official website: