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This site is written in PHP with MySQL as database backend. It uses some of the latest CSS features both for visual and behavioral features. The CSS is written using the LESS language, making it much easier to do cross browser compatebility. The jQuery javascript library is used for performing dynamic changes like ajax and similar functionality.

Below follows a list of all the libraries used here with link to the sources where ever posible. The visual aspects for most of these libraries have been customized to fit with the general site design.

jQueryv1.9.1link General access to the document for dynamic resizing content and ajax requests. Also a prerequisite for most of the other libraries used on the site.
jQuery.Migratev1.1.1link Temporarily used while porting to jQuery 1.9
jQuery.BlockUIv2.42link Used for blocking the page when displaying forms, like the contact form.
jQuery.Columnizerv1.5link Automatically creating columnized content, like the about page. Will probably be replaced by pure CSS once columns are better supported by browsers.
jQuery.FancyBoxv2.1.4link The lightbox control used on the gallery pages.
jQuery.NanoScrollerv0.7.2link Replace the standard system scrollbars and scroll just about any area on the page. Used on the concert and gallery pages.
jQuery.Tipsyv1.0.0alink Display styled tips. Used a few placed and probably more to come.
jQuery.floatTheadv1.3.2link Used to keep header of large tables floating in the top of the page.
jwertyv0.3link Used for keyboard navigation in lists.
D3v3.1.3link Used for creating the dynamic SVG based sitemap.