Curriculum Vitae (English)

Revised June 7th, 2013

Personal Information

NameJens Christian Rodi Hansen
TitelEngineer (M. Sc. EE)
AddresseFuglsang Allé, DK-2700 Brønshøj, Denmark
Phone, private+45 3581 4303
Phone, mobil+45 3144 3246
Birth dateMarch 6th 1973
LanguagesDanish (mother tongue)
English, fluent in speech and writing
Understand some German
Civil statusMarried to Marie Gomard
ChildrenEllen, born May 31st, 2011
Jakob, born November 28th, 2012

Primary Qualifications

Experienced software developer emphasizing advanced Delphi programming and Visual Studio .NET with C#.
Design and implementation of specialized multilingual user interfaces.
Development of hardwarenear software for dataacquisition and configuration.
Large knowledge of website development with focus on graphical details and compatibility with many browsers.
Used to customer contact during customer adapted development, mediation and education.
Wish to work on varying tasks within software development in cooperation with technicians and customers.

Work Experience

1997-Softwaredeveloper at Greenwood Engineering A/S with responsibility for design and development of software for measuring equipment.
MiniProf for Windows: dataacquisition, analysis and reporting of results from MiniProf profile measuring equipment used in the railway sector worldwide.
Firmware and Windows driver for USB version of MiniProf instruments.
MiniProf end-user documentation.
Design and layout of brochures.
Profilograph for Windows: 3D visualization, analysis and reporting of data from Profilograph measuring equipment used for geometric surface measuring of roads.
Implementation of submodules for the Profilograph dataacquisition software.
High Speed Deflectograph:
Dataacquisition and basic analysis of data. The equipment measures bearing capacity of roads.
Other projects:
Speed bump measuring.
Acquisition of GPS data and simulation of GPS equipment.
Logging of data during tests.
Management of external consultants developing MiniProf for Pocket PC, a PDA based dataacquisition software with basic analysis functions.
Translation of software to a large number of languages, including Japanese and Chinese using unicode.
Function and performance tests on various diversified systems.
Equipment demonstrations by customers and at exhibitions.
Training courses and usergroup meetings.
Design and maintenance of the company websites: and
1994-1997External consultant at Søren T. Lyngsø A/S, later Lyngsø Energi & Miljø as, in 1995 taken over by ABB Energi & Industri A/S.
Configuration of PC's and HP workstations, including installation of hardware and software.
Drawing of technical drawings in AutoCAD.
1993-Joint owner of ChroMa Consult I/S, a small software-consultant company.
Developed the program ProgramLaunch for Windows 95 and NT, which have registered users worldwide.
Have in addition developed a number of small utilities for tasks like program installation, user registration, manual display, etc.

IT Qualifications

Object Pascal (Borland Turbo Pascal, Borland Delphi)
C# (Microsoft Visual Studio)
C/C++ (Borland, Watcom, Keil)
Assembler for Intel and Motorola processors
PHP, HTML and JavaScript with jQuery
SQL (MySQL through PHP and Microsoft Access through Delphi/ADO)
Platforms/API'sDevelopmental knowledge of:
Windows 3.11 / 95 / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Cypress EZ-USB
Borland VCL (Visual Component Library)
Microsoft .NET with WinForms and WPF/XAML
OpenGL (Open Graphics Library)
BASS Audio Library
Multithreaded development
VCL and .NET GUI component design
HardwareInterface with and development of drivers and firmware:
DataTranslation data acquisition
Cypress EZ-USB firmware and driver for Windows
RS232 communication with different types of hardware
TCP/IP communication with specialized hardware
AlgorithmsKnowledge of:
Algebraic coding theory (error-correcting codes)
Graphical designDesign of brochures and graphics for web and software:
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe InDesign
BrowsereDevelopmental knowledge of:
Netscape / Mozilla
Internet Explorer
DocumentationTechnical documentation and user manuals:
Microsoft Word
MiKTeX (LaTeX)
Other softwareUser level knowledge of:
Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook)
Mac OS/X


1991-1997Engineer (M. Sc. EE), The Danish Technical University (DTU):
Electro-line with emphasis on softwaredevelopment.
Graduation project done at Institute for Electric Technology with the title: "EHS Gateway to M-Bus and EHS surveillance".
1989-1991Higher Technical Examination (HTX), Electro-line, at Frederiksberg Tekniske Skole, Valby afdelingen.
1988-1989Basic Vocational Education (EFG), Electro-line, at Lyngby Tekniske Skole.
1988-1989Higher Preparatory Examination in Mathematics, at Lyngby Tekniske Skole.

Spare-time Interest

SoftwareDevelop programs:
ProgramLaunch, an application launcher for Windows.
MusicCubeOne, a simple, neat looking media player.
ToolBox, collection of small utilities.
ProgramLaunch and MusicCubeOne have users all over the world.
Was in 1994 nominated in IBM's Leonardo Da Vinci competition as one of the 5 best in the category "Programming".
Web-designDesign and maintain websites:, private website., website for a chamberorchestra with concert information and searchable history.
MusicHave played the violin since 1980:
Play in the Amateur Symphonics.
Have in addition taken part as musician in various musicals, smaller classical projects and concerts with foreign artists.
OtherMovies, travel and photography:
Very interested in movies and filmmusic.
Like to travel and experience other countries and cultures.
Fond of photographing.