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LEGO Technic

Back when I was a kid, LEGO was one of my prefered and favourite toys. It started out with sets from the LEGO City and LEGO Space lines - small vechiles, buildings and minifigures. I also had an interest in the mechanial things and I was soon hooked on the LEGO Technics sets. When I was clearing our my parents house, I found all my old Lego neatly put aside for my children to play with. Handling the old Technic sets, I couldn't resist putting some of them together. One thing let to another and I found my self looking at new sets, intrigued by all the new technical aspects and high level of details put into the models, especially the larger ones. I got a few of these models and now I find my self once more venturing into the field of LEGO building.

My LEGO Technic collection currently contains the following sets. Some originate in my childhood, others where bought recently either as secondhand or brand new when posible. I also have some more traditional, non-Technic sets listed on the LEGO City/Space page.

Set no. TitleReleasedParts in setOrigin 
42025Cargo Plane20141295Used/Sealed
8674Ferrari F1 Racer 1:820061245Used
42043Mercedes Benz Arocs 324520152792New
8043Motorized Excavator20101124Used/Sealed
4203924 Hours Race Car20151218New
93984 x 4 Crawler20121326Used/Partly
8284Tractor / Dune Buggy2006872Used
42009Mobile Crane MK II20132606Used/Sealed
42030Remote-Controlled Volvo L350F Wheel Loader20141634New
8110Unimog U40020112046Used
8880Super Car19941345Used
8860Car Chassis1980676New
855Mobile crane1978512New
853Auto Chassis1977608New
850Fork lift truck1977216New

There are a couple of sets on my wishlist, most of them discontinued. I may eventually find them secondhand or collect the sets one piece at a time.

Set no.TitleReleasedParts in setComments
42054Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC20161975
42042Crawler Crane20151399
8295Telescopic Handler20081180
42052Heavy Lift Helicopter20161041

Sets build using parts from other models supplemented by additional loose parts.

Set no.TitleReleasedParts in setComments
8274Combine Harvester20071025Currently in construction from loose parts.
8069Backhoe Loader2011608Completed February 2016
Build with some cosmetic alterations to back fenders and coloring.
8263Snow Groomer2009590Completed January 2016
Build with minor cosmetic alterations.
8258Crane Truck20091876Completed December 2015
Modified version using alternate bricks for horns, lights and different coloring in some areas.
8275Motorized Bulldozer20071381Completed December 2015
Modified version using primarily stud-less parts
8047Compact Excavator2010252Completed November 2015
Modified from original model replacing the two rigid 3mm hoses in the cabin with axles and connectors
8416Forklift2005729Completed November 2015
Modified from original model to include a working steering wheel and changed steering mechanism to use a 1x7 gear rack (87761)
Inventory of parts based on above sets and additional loose parts
Parts from later sets (2000-2018)
Parts from earlier sets (1977-1999)
Parts from all sets
Additional loose parts